Senior Assignment at INEVA

Erman Çakal became the general manager of INEVA Environmental technologies
There was a senior assignment at INEVA Environmental Technologies that develops innovative applications concerning energy recuperation. Erman Çakal, who is an experienced name of the energy sector started to work at as the general manager of the company that is showing its activities as part of Coşkunöz Holding.
Erman Çakal became the new general manager of INEVA Environmental technologies that joined Coşkunöz Holding that develops applications concerning energy recuperation, in 2016. Erman Çakal has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector, now he will be responsible for all operations of the company that achieves to produce electrical energy with plants that produce aside steam energy and should be put into use in 2020 in Kocaeli and Gaziantep. Also the management of our energy group companies and of existing and potential energy projects will be related to Mr. Erman Çakal.
Who is Erman Çakal?
Erman Çakal did his degree in constructional engineering at the Ege university, his post graduate in constructional engineering at Boğaziçi university and is continuing now his doctorate at Boğaziçi university. Erman Çakal started his professional career in 2004 as project engineer at the Ilısu dam and HES project the construction constitution of Nurol, he changed to the company Enerjisa in 2006 and worked as senior engineer and project assistant manager. Erman Çakal started to work as senior project manager at the German engineering and consulting company Fitchner GmbH in 2011 and got the job as general manager of investment projects concerning renewable energy resources of the Austrian energy fond Enso GmbH. In 2016 Çakal continued his works at the company Arcor Energy Systems as assistant general manager and member of the board and from 2019 until today he worked as manager concerning renewable energy resources at the company BHC Solar.