GAZIANTEP Governor AND GAOSB Senior Officials Visited INEVA

Governor of Gaziantep and Mr. Davut Gül, entrepreneur president and senior officials of GAOSB visited our plant of “Gaziantep organised industrial site household and industrial sewage sludge incineration plant with fluidised bed and gaining energy project”, of which the setup is completed successfully and comissioning are going on. 

The plant will dispose sewage sludge that comes out in the Gaziantep organised industrial site and simultaneously produce electrical energy. After being activated, 200 tons of sewage sludge will be thermally processed and, the steam that is produced as a result of the thermal remove with the turbines that will be added to the plant will produce 2400 KW electricity.

     We are going on to serve our country with the totally domestic technology.

INEVA, that was established in the year of 2004 and bought by the Coşkunöz Holding in 2016, adding value to the country’s economy by extinguishing its dependency on abroad and is removing purification mud and wastes with a high level of humidity without drying them. We will further extend the use of domestic and high technology disposal plants that we are producing and so go on to produce innovative solutions for sewage sludge that is an environmental problem, with our plant of two units that is planned to be finished within this year.